Elvis in the House! – The Final Appearance

Well, hello there!  I am back with the final post about our beloved Elvis Halloween.  I was planning on just focusing on accessories but I’m going to try to squeeze everything in to this one last Elvis post.  Here we go!

During the last two weeks of October we downloaded Elvis music and watched Elvis movies as a family.  We created an Elvis playlist that we listened to while making dinners.  It was fun when the kids started recognizing his songs when they heard them in a movie or walking in the mall.  We talked about him and his life.  Little Love #2 was nearly distraught to learn Elvis is no longer alive.  We talked about how his music lives on and still makes people happy so we should be happy that he did live and used his God-given talents to make people smile.

We ordered Elvis wigs from eBay; 3 child-sized ones and 1 baby-sized one.  The child-sized ones were better quality but it looked too large on Dutch’s toddler-sized head.  Oh, well.  Watcha gonna do?  We didn’t want it slipping down over his eyes.  And really, we didn’t expect him to keep it on very long.  Maybe, if we were lucky, we figured we’d get a few pictures out of the deal.

Shoes.  I’ve noticed that shoes really make or break a costume.  For Andrew’s Jailhouse Rock costume, judging from photos and the YouTube videos, he could either wear Converse-type shoes or black dress shoes.  I chose dress shoes because Andrew already had recently grown out of his last pair.  (Again, yay for double purpose!)

Here is what I did for the other three Little Loves:

I took shoes that were either nearly too small or very worn out and spray painted them to match their costumes.  I stuffed them full of paper and went to town spray painting them.

I’m over 30 years old and still can’t use markers without getting them all over my fingers so I was careful with the spray, making sure none got on my jeans during the two coats I put on these bad boys.  The shoes turned out great.  Or at least passable.  I should have watched out for my shirt, though, not just my pants.  Apparently as I shook the gold spray paint with my right hand, some drips flew off and landed on the right shoulder of my favorite shirt.  I washed it multiple times but the paint wouldn’t come out.  I couldn’t bear to let it go.  I’ll never let it go.  I named it Jack and hung it in my closet.  I still wear it around the house.

Anyway. . .

White Jumpsuit Elvis needed a red scarf for around the neck and to tuck into the front of the outfit.  So on Halloween Day (yes, the big day had finally arrived!) I ran to the fabric store and got a small amount of red organza.  I folded it into thirds and sewed it down the middle all bunchy like so it would drape nicely.

We planned our All Hallows Eve get-the-kids-ready-rush carefully.  While Dutch was taking his afternoon nap, we got the other three kids ready and took pictures of them.

Little Love #1 as Jailhouse Rock Elvis:

Little Love #2 as White Jumpsuit Elvis:

Once she discovered this pose, there was hardly any photos of the front of her costume!  Also, notice the green ring from the game Pretty Pretty Princess.  I’m certain Elvis himself would have approved.

And Little Love #3 as Gold Suit Elvis:

This was just the beginning of a great night.

Then, once the boy had slept as long as he could, we got him up and changed him into his costume right away while he was still too sleepy to argue.  We put his wig on him and crossed our fingers.

At long last, after two years of waiting and two months of costuming, we had all four of our little Elvises together:

My Love and I also dressed up for the occasion.  We dressed up Rockabilly-style and called ourselves Elvis’ fans.  My Love was so committed, he even shaved most of his beard.

We headed out trick-or-treating and had a blast.  Everyone we saw loved the costumes and the kids were ecstatic to find out that other people really did know and love Elvis.  (I think they kind of thought we were kidding.)  And, miracle of miracles, Little Love #4 kept his wig on the entire night.

When we got home, there was candy to be sorted.  And in other miracle news, it was then that our camera lens broke.  I don’t know what happened to it, we were just taking pictures of the loot, and the camera wouldn’t take anymore photos.  Something looked off with the lens.  I couldn’t even be upset about it because I was just so thankful that it hadn’t happened even two hours earlier.

And third miracle, Josephine didn’t feel well the day before.  Some sort of tummy bug had gone through her little body but she seemed fine for the holiday.  Halloween night, though, starting around 11:00pm, one by one the other members of my family dropped like flies.  Andrew, Dutch, Eleanor, and My Love were all . . . I won’t gross you out, just know that it was a wicked 24-hour bug.  A bug that, somehow, left us alone for a few hours so that we could have a special day together.

Onward, as they say.  When it was time to work on our Christmas cards to send out, I couldn’t not have our awesome Halloween represented.  So I went mullet style.  I designed a two-sided card.  The first side had the standard group shot and an individual photo of each of their sweet little faces and said, “Merry Christmas, Baby!”  An idea for the second side had taken root in my brain while researching and making costumes.

Wanna see it?


Are you sure?


It took a lot of freaking work to be honest.  I’m not great at cutting individuals out of photos and pasting them onto another.


And the background was all done in my Photoshop Elements program.  That part wasn’t too bad, just a little time.


It’s not like I do anything else, right.




Ha ha.


Okay, I’ll get to it.  I leave you with this, my fine fellows.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my Elvis journey and now that it’s totally cataloged I promise to post more often.

About things that don’t require four posts to explain.


See you soon, my Lovelies!




2 thoughts on “Elvis in the House! – The Final Appearance

  1. Amy says:

    Have I told you how amazing you are?! The costumes were amazing and I LOVED your Christmas card! I know how hard you worked last year on Halloween but it was so worth it.

    • Thanks, Amy! It was so much fun and yes, so worth it. Have I told you that I think YOU are amazing? I can’t believe all the work you put into your business and taking care of kids on top of that. Mwah!

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